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Environmental seal of approval makes it four ISO marks for Comms-care

Comms-care Acquiring ISO 14001Comms-care, leader in the provision of channel network and IT support services have recently been certified with ISO 14001 status, the latest addition to their ISO portfolio.  Acquiring ISO 14001 means that Comms-care will continue to improve their environmental management system whilst complying with applicable legislation.

ISO 14001 is recommended for companies who aspire to be recognised for their environmental contributions. It serves as a framework to assist organisations in developing their own environmental management system. ISO 14001 can be integrated with other management functions and assists companies in meeting their environmental and economic goals.

Success of the scheme is very dependent on commitment from all levels of the organisation which is why Comms-care set goals for all departments, to ensure everyone plays an active part in the success of the organisation’s environmental approach.

One of their latest demonstrations of environmental commitment is the latest Comms-care corporate brochure. The marketing team set out to produce a printed brochure that had minimal impact on the environment.  To achieve this they complied with two leading sustainable environmental certifications from The World Land Trust and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  The World Land Trust ensures that the paper being printed on is carbon neutral from the paper mill to the time it arrives at the printers whereas FSC compliance ensures that the paper used is sourced from mixed sustainable sources.  Both certifications require the print job to have their own dedicated reference number to ensure the authenticity of any completed work. 

Ewan Conlon, Head of Service Delivery at Comms-care says: “Comms-care was in an ideal position to achieve this certification. Having worked on our environmental policies for some time it felt right that we made it official by applying for ISO approval. Acquiring ISO 14001 will ensure that we remain an environmentally aware organisation focussed on continual improvement.”

Other environmental initiatives that Comms-care are continuously undertaking include the introduction of fuel efficient, low omission company vehicles, reduction in the use of gas and electricity in the offices and managing the disposal of environmentally sensitive waste. 

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