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It’s a hole in one for Comms-care & Partners

by Comms-care Colin

June 28, 2013

We held our annual Partner Golf Day last week, (thankfully it wasn’t this week, with this miserable weather!) on the 2010 Ryder Cup Course at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport.

The day was fantastic, with the weather holding off until the last team hit the 18th hole! We also added in an extra special item for this year’s golf day, something for our guests to take home as a memento of the day. It was called the “Signature Hole Experience” and it is where special cameras were set up around the 17th hole to capture the moment each golfer hit the green (we also held the “Nearest the Pin competition on this hole as well!). Each player’s shot was then uploaded onto a USB for them to take home the video of their shot. Watching the videos back was entertaining to say the least!

We also had some awards to give out for the day, some serious and some not so serious! The not so serious ones included “Gone fishing” for the person in the water the most, “Mr Sandman” for the person who spent the most time in the bunkers, and the “Worst Dressed” award which was for the person with the most atrocious golf attire of the day. This year, there was a lot of competition for this award, it seems a lot of players had planned their outfit to make sure they were at least in the running for the “Worst Dressed” at least, I hope they had…

Our more serious awards on the day included “Nearest the Pin”, “Longest Drive”, “Best Individual Score”, “Runners Up” and the most important “Winning Team”! Congratulations to our Account Manager Danny Kirby and his team from Kelway UK who took home the top prize of “Winning Team”.

You can view the rest of the winner’s photos and all the photos from the day on our Pinterest page!

Thank you to all of our Partners who made it out of their busy schedules to attend, we loved having you with us round such a special course. Can’t wait for next year’s golf day, wonder what special treat we can add on next year…

Now all of our events are over for a couple of months, I can get practicing on my darts skills ready for the CRN Darts Night in September! Comms-care will be holding an internal tournament to find our top two players to put forward for the night, so keep an eye out on our twitter pages for updates and announcements around our team! The competition in-house is already heating up, so it could get interesting!

Enjoy your weekend!