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It’s a bull’s eye for Comms-care!

by Comms-care Colin

August 23, 2013

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a very exciting week!
We held our internal darts trials for the CRN Darts Night on Wednesday, taking over a local pub with the Comms-care crew and getting competitive over the darts board. We had some brave contenders put themselves forward for the challenge, including ones who have never played darts before! 

Paul & AndyAfter 2 tense knock out tournaments, consisting of 1 set of 501s leading into a head to head challenge of “best of 3” 301s finals, we finally got our two players to put forward for the main event! Well done to Paul Vernon, of previous CRN Fight Night fame, and Andy Pitt, a well-known local darts player in his home town of Crewe! Good luck to you guys on the night, not that you’ll need it with the way they play!

Make sure you check out my twitter feed for vine videos of Wednesday night’s tournament and keep an eye out over the next few weeks on twitter and YouTube of more snippets of our players in action.
I can’t wait for the main event now! I’ve got my darts shirt out ready to go already!
Have you seen our Marketing Director, Richard Eglon, discussing Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Sales tool or marketing gimmick, on Microscope this week? If not, check it out! It’s a fantastic Friday read.
Looking forward to the bank holiday this weekend, seeing as though it’s the school holidays, it seems to be as busy as ever at Comms-care!