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Comms-care maintains high standards!

by Comms-care Colin

February 15, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! Doesn’t it make a difference when the sun is shining?

The sun is not the only thing bringing us joy at Comms-care this week; I can officially announce that Comms-care has been re-certified with industry leading quality and service management standards ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000. After a week’s intensive assessment with LRQA assessors, Comms-care retain the accreditations for another 3 years, subject to continuous audits by LRQA.

During the re-certification visit, the assessors spent time with all areas of the business ensuring processes and documents are compliant with the standards set out by the ISOs for IT Security Management, IT Quality Management and IT Service Management. All service areas passed with flying colours, with the assessors commenting that what they saw “showed the needs of the business, its customers and the ISO requirements continue to be met across the business.” As Comms-care prides itself on going-the-extra-mile for its customers, it is fantastic to hear the assessors noticing our staff put the needs of our customers high on their priority lists in all service areas.

Our ISO accreditations provide our channel partners with a competitive advantage over their competition and provide them with confidence that no matter the service area they are dealing with at Comms-care, ISO quality and service management standards are still being applied, unlike other companies who only apply ISO standards to specific areas within the business.

So, are you doing something funny for money this year? We all are at Comms-care, so I’m off to help plan our Red Nose Day events with Marketing, so enjoy your weekend!