As we’ve explored in our previous blog posts, the SD-WAN market is taking off. We’ve discussed the opportunity for resellers, how the technology works and why the channel is key to SD-WAN success. Now to think about the next step – how to identify opportunities and make your sale relevant. First, let’s take a look at some typical conversations you might be having around your customers’ business challenges:

Challenge 1: I need to be able to onboard and offboard sites quickly and seamlessly

New sites take time to deploy so customers can’t operationalise the site as soon as they need to.  With SD-WAN you can provide remote site connection over any channel allowing the branch office to work while waiting for fixed lines to be installed – all while achieving the same user experience.

Challenge 2: I don’t know what’s happening on my network

It can take weeks to identify the cause of performance issues. SD-WAN can enable a complete understanding of the whole WAN using a single tool to visualise and troubleshoot. This gives users a better and more consistent experience through a greater understanding of the network.

Now you’re probably thinking (and rightly so) who exactly is my target audience? What are their main concerns? What are the key messages I need to get across? Well, here are just a handful:

  1. Finance Director

Installing SD-WAN creates a scalable solution able to address the current and future requirements of the business without hardware replacement, high capital costs or complex re-engineering.

  1. Network Administrator

Deploying SD-WAN allows you to gain a deep and clear understanding of where bottlenecks are on the network and allows you to troubleshoot and fix issues from one central location.

  1. Security Officer

SD-WAN helps ensure security standards are implemented consistently across all devices for compliance, while the ability to create audit reports allows you to understand and address potential risks.

Ultimately a well-crafted, targeted strategy is key is SD-WAN success. The first step is being ready to identify and unearth opportunities from the business and technical challenges your customers are facing. We’ve developed a free guide to selling SD-WAN which delves into the market opportunity for channel partners – exploring the customer value, cutting through the vendor hype and offering key insights. If you’d like to learn more about this in-demand technology download our eBook.