As technology becomes more complex and interdependent, customer experience is becoming a real differentiator for channel partners – they need to bring their best to customers, help them determine what’s right for their organisation and get more value from their technology investments. Our previous blog delves into what customer experience truly means. Essentially, it means ensuring that solutions are delivering real business benefits and doing what it takes to drive effective adoption of solutions that make day-to-day business processes easier and deliver desired business outcomes.

The adoption journey

Now, let’s take a look at just how partners can drive effective adoption, a fundamental stage of CX. Part of the adoption process means overcoming any internal barriers the organisation may face. The right technology may be in place but if end-user adoption is missing, it risks the solution being only partially adopted and consequently the benefits can only be partially realised.

The focus needs to be on getting teams educated and aligned to business objectives so solutions can deliver value. Let’s face it, most users don’t care about the latest fancy features – unless it makes their jobs or lives easier. But through education, involvement and training, users can better understand what the solution can achieve and start utilising the technology in their day to day processes in the best possible way. By helping customers adopt more of the technology they buy, the more value they will get from it. This is what will help to build standout customer experiences, strengthen relationships and make them more inclined to renew.

One size doesn’t fit all

Businesses are of course unique and so are the challenges they face. Today, decision makers extend past the IT department to functions such as marketing, sales, finance and operations. And so, partners need to fully immerse themselves into the customer’s organisation and have visibility across all stages of their journey in order to provide the right knowledge and education to help them thrive. The CX journey is never really over. It’s about continuing to enhance the user experience, drive further value and ultimately deliver better business outcomes.

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