Get the most out of the VMware Partner Connect Programme

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VMware’s Partner Connect Program is designed for MSPs to build, manage, and scale their own infrastructure using VMware technology, and offer those services to customers. Partners invest via a pay-as-you-grow subscription model.

It provides the VMware Flex Core Bundle which includes a set of core VMware technologies, with components across Billing, Management, Networking, Compute and Support.


VMware Partner Connect Program Accelerate Professional Services.

The VMware Partner Connect Program enables MSPs and Cloud Providers to invest in VMware infrastructure on a pay-as-you-serve subscription basis, driving the success of public and hybrid

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Accelerate ROI on your VMware deployments.

Comms-care created the Accelerate Professional Service to help MSPs unlock the Flex Core Bundle capabilities and maximise ROI for their VMware deployments.

Learn how it works by reading this quick and simple infographic.

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Get the most out of the VMware Connect Programme

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