Multi-cloud is here to stay and will likely define the cloud landscape for the next decade. Organisations are looking for control, agility, scalability, security and cost effectiveness.

Futureproof the approach to cloud networking

VMware NSX-T is a major talking point right now. Our latest guide brings some clarity to the discussion about migrating to NSX-T – highlighting the  opportunities and answering typical customer and partner questions.
Many businesses have already made the move to multi-cloud architecture and deployment, leveraging the benefits of multiple public and private clouds. This multi-cloud era brings fresh challenges for IT professionals, as they’re not necessarily realising the enhanced agility and scalability they’d been hoping for. The reason? Public clouds have their own networking and security criteria, as well as unique policy management principles. This siloed approach slows down delivery and interoperability, costing money and wasting valuable time, clogging up the ticketing queue and adding yet further to IT workloads.
Businesses needed a different approach to networking in order to overcome issues and enable agility. This required technology that can encompass the entire network, take containers in its stride and factor in security. This simply wasn’t possible with NSX-V. To move into the new era, a new solution was needed. The all-encompassing answer is NSX-T.

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Migrating from NSX-V to NSX-T in 8 questions. Scale-out Networking at a Fraction of the Cost

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Get a high-level overview of the capabilities of NSX-T & learn the approaches to migration with James Cadwell.

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A deep dive with Joe Baguley into the future of the on-prem datacentre, edge computing and service at the edge (SASE).


Are you making the most of your multi-cloud networking strategy?

The networking space has experienced a massive shift over the last couple of decades. Traditionally, a typical migration would include a 4-hour drive to a dark basement datacentre to migrate an aging hub to a brand new ethernet switch, that (if you were lucky) had VLANs and even did some routing!

I’m sure we can all agree that a lot has changed since then and over the past decade Comms-care has been taking its customers on the next step in the networking evolution; software defined networking. Technologies such as VMware NSX and Cisco ACI have enabled our reseller base to automate and simplify networking operations which means less visits to dark basement datacentres each time we need a new network function, such as a router, switch, or security appliance.

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