29th April, 2:15-3:00pm







Get ready for the future of multi-cloud

Modernise Networking and Security with VMware NSX-T

The way applications are architected and deployed has changed. Modern applications run on multiple clouds, making use of heterogeneous compute platforms such as containers, virtual machines and bare metal. With frequent releases and rapid application deployment, the network must become just as agile to support applications on any compute. VMware NSX-Tis uniquely designed to address this challenging environment and bring the public cloud experience to your private cloud.
Migration to VMware NSX-T Data Center (NSX-T) is top of mind for customers who are on NSX for vSphere (NSX-V), which is going End of General Support next year on Jan 16th 2022.
Come and join this session to get a high-level overview of the capabilities of NSX-T, learn the approaches to migration and ask our experts any questions.
Plus, learn about how Comms-care can help you to deliver effective VMware solutions.
Settle in to a 45 minute NSX-V to T technical enablement session and learn about the offerings it could unlock for your customers!

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James Cadwell                                                                                               Phil Priest

Lead Partner Solutions Engineer, EMEA Multi-Cloud                            Practice Lead: Datacentre & Network

   and Services Partners, VMware                                                                 Virtualisation, Comms-care


Learn how Comms-care can help you deliver effective VMware solutions

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