Businesses migrating their on-premises infrastructure services, including Windows Server and SQL workloads, to Microsoft Azure can often be viewed as a complex process, requiring careful due diligence and planning.

Comms-care and Ingram Micro as a combined entity, have a proven cloud adoption framework designed to assist customers through their transformation journey, harnessing Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework and recognised industry good practices.



Our proven approach initially focusses on the design and build of the underlying Azure tenant landing zone in alignment with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (our enable phase), providing a stable foundation for future adoption. Our approach then moves into a broader assessment of customers’ existing services with a view to assessing readiness for transition into and /or modernisation through, Azure services, working with customers’ to determine a minimal viable product (MVP) deployment to benchmark and assess the viability of Azure service usage before moving into broadscale transition and modernisation activities (migration factory – our adopt and modernise phases).



IaaS Workload Migration Service

Comms-care and Ingram Micro have a packaged service available that provides a predictable and repeatable “migration factory” focusing on the discovery, design, proof of concept and migration of individual workloads to Azure.

Discovery and Assessment Service

Evaluates the customer’s IT landscape to better understand the feasibility of moving each of their workloads to Azure. Through a series of infrastructure and application assessments, the customer will gain the visibility needed on their existing workloads to start building a plan for migration to Azure.

Discovery and Assessment Services are usually recommended for large workloads (25+ servers).

Architecture and Design Service

A 1-day/3-day/5-day engagement for designing the architecture of the workload once migrated to Azure. Our Solution Architects will guide the customer through the process and deliver the logical/physical architecture diagram for the application/workload.

Proof of Concept Service

A service to address customer concerns about cloud – such as scalability, compatibility, availability or reliability by building a small replica of the proposed solution on Azure to prove validity of their concept and approach. Proof of Concept is usually required in complex and large-scale projects.

Migration Service

A migration service to migrate applications and workloads to Azure. As part of the service, we will conduct a scenario evaluation for all possible migration options to ensure a smooth end-to-end delivery.


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