BYOD Benefits & The Future


Businesses that adopt a BYOD policy allow themselves to save money on high-priced devices that it would normally be required to purchase for their employees. This approach then facilitates a choice for employees. who are able to decide on the technology that they wish to use for work, rather than being assigned a restrictive company device. This can improve productivity, morale and loyalty that an employee has with a firm whilst the company benefits from newer, faster technology enabling their workforce. In many circumstances employees also tend to take better care of devices that they view as their own property.

So why BYOD solutions from Comms-care?

  • Move towards a ‘universal desktop on any device’ architecture.
  • Improve productivity and loyalty by empowering employees with the option to select their device of choice.
  • Best-of-breed secure BYOD solution delivered by the UK’s sole channel-only Cisco ISE partner.
  • Implement a secure infrastructure that encourages the use of BYOD through user enablement.
  • Reduce Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) on IT infrastructure with less need for company-owned devices.
  • Drive best practice recommendations to meet stringent data privacy and compliance requirements.

Looking ahead

As organisations become more confident around the security of BYOD, users will increasingly demand a ‘universal desktop on any device’ environment where the network intelligence is stored in a central location and accessed from a device of choice.

This will see BYOD and the increased use of tablets such as iPads driving the need for organisations to move over to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) where vendors such as Citrix (Xen App) and VMware are able to virtualise the software applications on a network. This will reduce the need for large capital expenditure on IT hardware as people’s own devices will be accessing the network in the same way as a desktop or laptop does.

In addition, moving over to a VDI also reduces the amount of bandwidth required as all data is stored centrally, with the device only making updates to a file or document rather than downloading the whole file.

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