Unified Communications & Mobility

Business communications cover a multitude of technologies, such as Email, Calendaring, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, Telephony and VOIP, Voice Messaging, SMS and Fax.  Mobile computing adds a host of devices and platforms onto which these services are consumed and add into this mix a necessity for document management, (versioning, collaboration, intellectual property, compliance and security) and a picture begins to form of the overall scale of the management task. 

These technologies are no longer contained within single sites but stretch to branch offices, home-offices, hotel rooms, exhibition halls, in fact anywhere that a mobile internet connection can be made.  

Effective businesses operate on efficient communication flows.  Communication services are typically implemented over time, having organically developed with business requirements.  The management of these provisions can become complex, fragmented and expensive as services are added or modified.  

Comms-care’s Microsoft unified communications solutions, create an end-to-end, joined-up service provision integrating messaging and telephony services, document management and end user applications.