Cisco Unified Computing

The Cisco Unified Computing System represents radical simplification of traditional architecture, dramatically reducing the number of devices that must be purchased, cabled, configured, powered, cooled, secured, and managed. The solution delivers end-to-end optimization for virtualized environments while retaining the ability to support also creating new agility for traditional OS and application stacks in physical environments.
Cisco unified computing
Cisco Unified Computing System is an integrated system that is automatically configured through unified, model-based management to simplify deployment of enterprise-class applications and services running in bare-metal, virtualized, and cloud-computing environments. Key differentiators include:
  • Programmable infrastructure via service profiles that abstract the personality, configuration, and connectivity of server and I/O resources
  • Unified, model-based management applies personality and configures server and I/O resources to automate the administration process
  • Cisco Port Extender technology simplifies the system by condensing three network layers into one, eliminating blade chassis and hypervisor-based switches and bringing all traffic to a single point where it is efficiently and consistently managed
The Cisco Unified Computing System is built to meet today's demands while being ready to accommodate future technologies, including more powerful processors and faster Ethernet standards as they become available.

The system helps reduce total cost of ownership by automating tasks through the use of service profiles that enable just-in-time provisioning. Service profiles quickly align computing resources with rapidly changing business and workload requirements in a policy-driven, repeatable manner.

The Cisco Unified Computing System is a simplified architecture for the converged data center. This architecture unifies servers, storage access, networks, and virtualization technologies to elevate the value and agility of data center infrastructure to an entirely new level.

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