Cisco Smart Foundation Service

Designed for businesses with data-only networks, fewer than 250 network users (50 or fewer network devices), and an IT staff with limited network expertise, Cisco Smart Foundation Service offers excellent essential support with entry-level affordability. Delivered by Cisco, this service program provides an easy, affordable way to help SMBs quickly resolve routine issues that might arise when using Cisco SMB-class products.

The Cisco Smart Foundation Service combines the following:
  • Essential network support with clear, nontechnical tools and resources
  • Step-by-step guidance from Cisco SMB Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineers who have been specially trained to work and communicate with SMB IT personnel, who often do not have extensive Cisco networking expertise
  • Next-business-day hardware replacement and software bug fixes, if required
  • Affordable network support, with an annual fee lower than the cost of even a single uncovered service transaction


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