Cisco Network Management & Automation

Empower your IT organization to more effectively manage your networks and the services they deliver with the Cisco Prime enterprise portfolio of management products.

Cisco Prime products deliver next-generation management by supporting an intuitive workflow-oriented user experience and integrated lifecycle operations across Cisco architectures, technologies, and networks. Cisco Prime helps IT organizations:
  • Simplify network management
  • Improve operations efficiency
  • Deliver predictable services
  • Lower the total cost of ownership   

Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager

  • Simplifies management of end-to-end video collaboration
  • Speeds troubleshooting and recovery from issues affecting TelePresence sessions
  • Supports timely end-to-end visibility and isolation of video related issues
  • Provides detailed analysis to isolate service-degrading network devices

Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution

  • Allows access to management data anytime, anywhere
  • Simplifies deployment and troubleshooting of Cisco devices
  • Supports network discovery, topology views, and end-station tracking
  • Provides comprehensive device support for all Cisco hardware platforms

Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module

  • Delivers real-time visibility into network
  • Improves efficiency with advanced troubleshooting and proactive alerts
  • Provides insight into application traffic, network usage, and trends
  • Offers deployment flexibility with choice of hardware and software form factors

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