Cisco Data Centre Switching 

The Cisco Nexus family of products provides a wide range of business benefits.

Cisco Nexus solutions simplify the data center network by converging LANs and SANs, using Data Center Bridging (DCB), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) protocols, and Unified Ports.

  • Lower total cost of ownership by up to 50 percent
  • Reduce capital expenses through fewer host adapters, switches, and cables
  • Cut operational expenses through reduced power, cooling, rack space, and floor space requirements
  • Adopt solutions incrementally, without complete upgrade
  • Minimize disruptions to existing management and operations

Cisco Nexus solutions help enterprises scale for the more-complex workloads of virtualization, the proliferation of virtual machines, and the challenges of cloud computing.

  • Unify all network locations into one environment
  • Support efficient access and use of resources, regardless of size or scope
  • Provide resilient, scalable networks with predictable performance and reduced complexity
  • Fabric extensibility with simplified management

Cisco Nexus delivers intelligent services directly into the network fabric. It transparently extends the network to encompass all network locations into a single, extended environment with consistent services and policy.

  • Make services available consistently across applications and workloads
  • Scale service delivery capability automatically
  • Deploy applications faster, with policy-based compliance instead of physical infrastructure changes

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