Cisco Application Support

Network centric software applications are the core of your most critical business operations, enabling continuous communication and collaboration with colleagues, customers, and business partners. Application support services are essential to keeping these business-critical applications available, secure, and operating at optimal performance. They can help you:
  • Reduce security, operational, and business risk by keeping software releases current
  • Accomplish more with limited resources and reduce total cost of ownership by augmenting your staff with Cisco expertise and automated troubleshooting tools
  • Get specialized end-to-end software application and Cisco best practices support from certified Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineers
  • Keep up-to-date by collaborating with Cisco and other networking professionals on Cisco’s online support communities
  • Update network functionality and features through full upgrades on your licensed applications
Cisco Software Application Support (SAS)
Provides maintenance and minor updates, plus access to online resources and TAC support services for over 100 security, network management, and data center software applications.

Cisco Software Application Support plus Upgrades (SASU)
Provides all of the same features as SAS plus major software application upgrades. Upgrades provide a richer feature set and improved performance and efficiency.

Cisco Video Software Support Service
Provides timely, uninterrupted access to Cisco's latest video delivery system software updates and extensive support services.

Cisco Unified Communications Essential Operate Service for Software
Provides maintenance and minor software updates, plus access to online resources and TAC support services for Unified Communications solutions. Major upgrades are available by adding a Cisco Unified Communications Software Subscription to your Essential Operate Service.

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