Comms-care has been closely monitoring the dynamic situation regarding the COVID-19 virus. First and foremost, the health and wellbeing of our employees, resellers, vendors and their customers is our top priority. We want to re-assure you that from the outset our teams have been taking appropriate measures to protect all our associates and minimise the potential for exposure to the virus, including monitoring and following all applicable UK government guidelines.

All staff, office and field-based, have been briefed on the evolving situation and advised to follow government guidelines including:

  • Any team member who has a new persistent cough or fever is not to report to work, they are to contact their line manager and follow the government’s mandatory self-isolation period of 14 days
  • Any team member who has a family member who is self-isolating is not to report to work, they are to contact their line manager and follow the government’s mandatory self- isolation period of 14 days
  • All team members are to follow good hygiene practices; for coughs or sneezes use a tissue and ‘Catch It, Bin It, Kill It’, if you don’t have a tissue available use the crook of your elbow then immediately wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use hand sanitiser

Comms-care is certified to ISO22301 (Business Continuity) and has a well-tested set of business continuity plans which will help enable us to continue to deliver our services.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: What processes does Comms-care have in place to safeguard sites being visited by your Field Services teams?

A: We understand how important it is to keep IT services running at this critical time and recognise the role that field resources need to play in customer business continuity plans. We intend to keep business as usual running as much as possible and in doing so will implement the following: we will support our field resources with hand sanitising products and all customers with a field resource booked will be contacted prior to the site visit to confirm that:

  • The site is open and has appropriate precautions for COVID-19 in place
  • The visiting technician does not have symptoms of COVID-19 and has not been to sites with known cases of COVID-19 in the last 14 days


Q: What is Comms-care’s procedure where a member of the Field Service team reports they need to self-isolate with COVID-19 symptoms?

A: As soon as we become aware of a member of our Field Service team that needs to self-isolate due to COVID-19 symptoms, all resellers whose customers have been visited within the last 7 days will be contacted providing times and dates, allowing them to pass the information to their end users.


Q: How is Comms-care handling supply chain issues?

A: Comms-care holds a wide range of spares and equipment for our contracted customers and can source new equipment and spares from a wide network across the UK and Europe. Additionally, Comms-care is part of the Ingram Micro Group, the world’s largest IT distributor, and therefore has access to a wider range of stock and sourcing channels should our own supplies become limited. Comms-care and Ingram Micro are monitoring the situation in all regions and should suppliers and vendors raise concerns with the supply chain, we will identify what proactive actions are required depending on the situation at that point in time.


Q: Has COVID-19 impacted your support services?

A: At the current time there is no impact on our support services. Comms-care is monitoring and following UK Government guidelines concerning travel and in line with those is closely monitoring the availability of field staff delivering services. We have robust, tested processes in place for maintaining delivery of support and services to customers across the UK.


Q: What measures will be taken to ensure that support service levels can be maintained if the situation continues to escalate?

A: Comms-care is monitoring the situation and reviewing the UK Government updates daily. Comms-care is certified to ISO22301 (Business Continuity) and has plans in place to enable the back-office teams to work remotely if required. The wellbeing of the field technicians and their continued ability to work will be monitored as the situation evolves; as and when things change Comms-care will communicate any restrictions or alternative working practices to our partners at that time.


Q: What measures have you put in place to ensure business continuity?

A: Comms-care is certified to ISO22301 (Business Continuity) and as part of this we have in place a detailed Business Continuity Plan for Loss of Staff.  This is not specific to the COVID-19 outbreak but covers any eventuality resulting in a significant loss of staff.


Q: How can I get further updates from you?

A: We would encourage you to follow our Twitter feed @CommsCare and/or our LinkedIn page.

We will continue to refresh our statement when we have further updates. Please check here for latest updates:

For any other specific questions not answered by either of these sources please contact your Comms-care Account Manager.


Mark Forster

Managing Director


Published: 18/03/20
Last review: 18/03/20