Comms-care continues to monitor the ongoing situation regarding the COVID-19 virus pandemic closely, with the health and wellbeing of our employees, resellers, vendors and their customers remaining our foremost priority.

In the light of the latest Government announcements, we would like to reassure you that our situation remains largely unchanged:

  • Our field-based team is still working – as it has been throughout – and is following Government guidelines relevant to each region of the UK
  • We will continue to work remotely where this is possible and conduct essential on-site work. COVID-secure and adequate precautions must be in place on-site to not only protect our personnel but also our clients’ personnel.
  • Our back-office teams are fully operational and working effectively from home and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future and until such times as further instruction is received from the Government

Please continue to use all your usual channels of communication to Comms-care.

Where a field-based technician is despatched, we continue to need to ensure the following conditions:

  1. Upon arrival at site, we require the customer to sign in/out our technician, to reduce the touch points in using a pen or touch screen
  2. The site has taken all reasonable measures to ensure the technician will remain 2 metres or more from another person or where this is not possible, appropriate control measures are in place
  3. Specific on-site health and safety controls such as hand sanitisation stations should made clear to our technician
  4. Any specific site requirements relating to the wellbeing of individuals amid COVID-19 should be made clear to our technician attending site
  5. The sign off process will be completed observing social distancing procedures

In return we will:

  • Supply all our field personnel with a range of protective equipment including hand sanitiser & nitrile gloves and ensure they carry out appropriate sanitisation before arriving, whilst on and when leaving site.
  • Face coverings will be worn by our technicians to ensure compliance with government guidelines and site controls, but 2 metre distancing must still be maintained on-site, even when a face covering is worn.
  • Ensure our technicians/consultants will not be using public transport to attend site
  • Ensure our technicians / consultants are aware of the conditions requiring self-isolation
  • Deliver repeated, sustained and consistent messaging to all employees regarding the importance of correct hand washing, social distancing, wearing of face coverings and any additional advice the UK Government may provide to reduce the spread of infection.

Whilst we recognise that health and wellbeing considerations remain top priority, we would like to reassure our partners that Comms-care remains stable and strong to support your needs and we are grateful for the understanding you have shown in the circumstances to date.

For any other specific questions not answered here please contact your Comms-care Account Manager.

Further updates will be posted here as and when they become necessary.


Simon Day

Services Director

Published: 19/05/20                                                                                                             Last review: 06/01/21


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