Comms-care Group Ltd – Business Continuity Policy

Comms-Care’s primary business objective is to continue to be the strategic IT support partner of choice for the IT channel community. By proactively developing our services’ portfolio, we ensure that channel partners can add value to their service proposition, which in turn contributes to the prosperity and success of their business.

In order to ensure that Comms-care can continue to function as an organisation in the event of an unplanned incident or disruption and thus continue to provide service to its customers, it is the Policy of the company to have in place a robust Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) that covers its commercial, operational and financial systems and staff.

The purpose of this Policy and the resulting BCMS therefore is to minimise the impact of any unplanned business interruption and so to enable Comms-Care’s ability to continue to recover and function. Business Continuity Planning is fundamental to this and Authorities and Delegations at the time of a major incident are as described in the relevant Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and/or the Emergency Incident Procedure. Supporting procedures outline the criteria for determining the type and scale of incidents for which Business Continuity is invocated.

The Managing Director owns the BCMS and is responsible for its effective performance. The Board is committed to ensuring that sufficient funding and resource (people and infrastructure) are available to support the implementation of this Policy.

The company recognises the importance of maintaining a link between the scope and operation of the BCMS and the company’s risk appetite/objectives, which includes but is not limited to factors relating to financials, human, operational and technological continuity considerations. The company also understands the imperative of protecting intangibles such as reputation in the event of a significant incident. Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment are used as key tools to ensure that risk mitigation arrangements remain current and consistent with risk appetite.

It is also our Policy to test/exercise and audit the Business Continuity processes and procedures, and take lessons learned as a basis for continual improvement. We also liaise with our relevant suppliers around their BC arrangements to ensure that they can support our recovery objectives.

The scope of the BCMS is as described in the Comms-Care Scope statement which can be found in the company’s Business Continuity Manual.

Mark Forster
Managing Director on behalf of the Board of Directors, May 2019

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