GDPR Lifecycle

The Comms-care / Xcina Consulting GDPR-readiness engagement model will adopt a 3-phased approach


Assess & analyse

  • Gap analysis to assess GDPR-readiness
  • Data permeation mapping to understand end-to-end data footprint
  • Training & awareness regarding personal data processing

Remediate & implement

  • Establish a remediation roadmap & supporting execution 
  • Define the data protection strategy (if not already defined)
  • Implement a data protection framework / programme
  • Establish or improve a Third Party Management Framework
  • Perform a GDPR framework / programme review or audit 

This may also include:

  • Implementation of a Business Continuity Management Framework
  • Penetration testing
  • Service access (control & protect cloud based SaaS apps)
  • Service administration (privileged identity & access management)
  • User identity protection & multi-factor authentication 
  • Information protection (data classification, labelling & DLP)
  • Endpoint security (device encryption, pre- & post-breach real-time advanced threat protection)
  • Messaging security (encryption, real-time adv. threat protection)
  • Compliance (advanced data governance & eDiscovery)

Monitor & maintain

  • Ongoing monitoring of data protection activities & reporting
  • Establish & maintain data protection key risk indicators (KRIs)
  • Training & awareness (as & when requirements change or as part of a periodic training process)
  • Communication of new & changing requirements & their impacts
  • Strengthening the data protection framework / programme
  • Supporting the completion of privacy impact assessments

Training & awareness

We can create and present awareness material on GDPR principles, compliance requirements, potential risks or need to know awareness. These bespoke packages will have content tailored to your business, with the involvement of senior stakeholders encouraged.

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