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Comms-care kicks off countdown to Olympics 2012

Comms-care, the leading channel IT support partner, has announced a series of new measures to ensure that the Olympics has a minimal impact on the level of support available to partners and their customers during the summer. 

- Comms-care has increased the number of Rapid Response Engineers (who travel by motorbike in the London area) by 50%

- It has introduced a new fleet of dedicated Olympic foot messengers and engineers to operate in areas where the roads will be completely closed to non-Olympic traffic.  There will be a network of strategic points around the secure areas where foot messengers will be able to meet with Comms-care’s couriers to take packages to their final delivery points

- Comms-care will implement a vehicle sharing scheme to ensure that traffic is minimised in busy areas

- It will relocate its spares holding facilities from the Docklands area to three temporary facilities around London

- A new Gold Stock of key equipment and spares will be maintained by Comms-care for mission-critical implementations

Ben Davies, Managing Director of Comms-care, says: “Everyone’s getting excited by the summer of sport and celebration that lies ahead, particularly now that we are counting down the last 100 days before the Olympics begin.  But as well as looking forward to the fantastic experience of hosting the Games in the UK, we also need to be mindful that companies will need to maintain business as usual during the summer, and this means careful planning ahead.  We believe that the measures we’re taking will help to maintain high levels of support and service to our channel partners - and in turn to their clients.”