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How do you ‘construct’ a good leader?

by Comms-care

December 06, 2017

Whether it's an extension on the back of your house or a city skyscraper, constructing a building is no easy feat. There's planning permission to consider and don’t forget conforming to building regulations before you even start to see the structure take shape. Much like the construction of buildings, when developing future business leaders each individual will have their own specific set of needs but there are certain guidelines you can follow that can improve the chance of success…

The foundations – inspirational leaders

Getting this part right is the most vital element in ensuring your completed building stands strong. Ensuring the foundations are laid within the business for growing future leaders starts with providing inspiration. Having individuals that a ‘leader-under-construction’ can look towards is not only important for learning the behaviours required to be successful, but also to serve as motivation that empowers the individual to aspire to reach the standards required.

There are two types of role model that build the foundations of a good leader. Firstly, there are famous leadership role models; the likes of Martin Luther King, Princess Diana and even Lady Gaga can be leaders to look up to. The other kind is probably more important, current leaders within organisations who can include ‘Managers’, ‘Supervisors’ and ‘Team Leaders’. They are responsible for driving forward their team and developing the leaders of tomorrow.

The building blocks & cement – behaviours & personality

Once you’ve laid the foundations on which the ‘leader-under-construction’ can stand strong, the next stage is to gather your building blocks – leadership behaviours – and cement them together with leadership personality. Leadership behaviours are likely to be indirectly taught or passed on from the ‘leader-under-construction’s’ role model, for example understanding how to motivate others. The cement to this construction is arguably personality; having the ideal mix of traits such as humility, consideration and confidence combined with strong leadership learned behaviours will help make a good leader.

This year Comms-care supported World Quality Day for the fifth consecutive year. This day is always an important event in the compliance calendar and this year was particularly significant as the theme was ‘Everyday Leadership’. The latest version of ISO9001: 2015 includes a focus on leadership, making it an obligatory element of your Quality Management System.

It’s become ever more important that ‘Everyday Leadership’ is ingrained within a company’s culture and World Quality Day gave us the opportunity to demonstrate this. Colleagues across all departments within the business were challenged to choose a famous inspirational leader and then ‘build’ their perfect leader out of building blocks labelled with different leadership attributes. This was a fascinating insight into what Comms-care employees value in a leader; Richard Branson won the vote for ‘our perfect leader’ while the characteristics ‘empowers others’, ‘motivates’ and ‘communicative’ were chosen as the top valuable leadership attributes.

Recognising events such as World Quality Day is a company’s chance to educate and re-educate its employees on the importance of quality standards and how specific elements, such as leadership, play a vital part in sustaining and improving business performance. This year Comms-care focused on the theme of ‘construction’ because much like developing a strong building that will weather the elements and stand the tests of time, developing the leaders of tomorrow requires solid foundations to stand upon and a set of quality materials to build strong leadership attributes. And those organisations who take this approach to develop their future leaders can ensure not only a high level of performance today but continued ongoing business success.